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The (19) APL line item is used for expenditures related to the Applied Physics Lab (APL).

Line Setup

The Setup modal displays the Description and UW Sub-Object Code selected.

The Cascade Entries checkbox will be checked if “Cascade entries on non-salary items” was selected.

Any Notes associated with this line item will display.

Update Periods

Values entered for the Description and the UW Sub-Object Code display for reference.

The name of the period and its date range will display at the top of the period column.

The Prorated Direct Costs line item (19-10) appears on the budget worksheet if the box for Budget includes Applied Physics Lab (APL) on the Properties Tab was checked.

The current PDC Rate displays when its box is checked. The value for each period on the worksheet is equal to the PDC rate multiplied by the total amount for Salaries less any amount for Sea Pay. These values are read-only.

For 19-00 (Dept. Admin. Overhead) and 19-20 (Accrued VAC/SL) lines, the total amount for each period will display.

Note: the (19-40) Department Fixed Fee line appears as the last line item of the budget if the box for Budget includes Fixed Fee on the Properties Tab was checked. The default rate is used to determine the Fixed Fee Value (FFV), which is equal to the Fixed Fee Rate (FFR) multiplied by the sum of the Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) and the Total Direct Costs (TDC).

FFV = FFR * (F&A + TDC)

The FFV is then added to the sum of the TDC and F&A to calculate the Total Project Cost (TPC).