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Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee

Regents Smith (Chair), Blake, Brotman, Cole (alternate), Jewell

Thursday, July 21, 2011
12:20 to 2:40 p.m.
UW Tower, Board Room, 22nd Floor

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Report of Contributions – May, 2011 INFORMATION

Walter G. Dryfoos, Associate Vice President, Advancement Services
Connie Kravas, Vice President, University Advancement

Grant and Contract Awards Summary – April and May, 2011 ACTION
Phyllis M. Wise, Provost and Executive Vice President
Update of the Banking Depository Delegation and Amendment of Standing Orders ACTION
Ann Anderson, Associate Vice President and Controller
Approve Amendment to University of Washington 401(a) Plan for Selected Employees ACTION
Kathleen Dwyer, Executive Director of Benefits
University of Washington 403(b) Retirement Program – Approve Changes to Eligibility ACTION

Kathleen Dwyer

On-Call Fire Protection Engineering Master Term Agreement – Select Engineering Firm ACTION
Richard Chapman, Associate Vice President, Captial Projects Office
On-Call Industrial Mechanical Engineering Master Term Agreement – Select Engineering Firm ACTION
Richard Chapman
Actions Taken Under Delegated Authority INFORMATION
Richard Chapman
Red Flag Rules – Identity Theft Compliance Program Annual Report INFORMATION
Susan Camber, Associate Vice President, Research and Student Fiscal Administration
Sue Clausen, Associate Vice President for Medical Affairs; Chief Compliance Officer, UW Medicine
UW Tacoma Japanese Language School Memorial – Approve Donor Naming Opportunities Plan ACTION
Josh Knudsen, Vice Chancellor, Advancement, UW Tacoma
Debra Friedman, Chancellor, UW Tacoma
Internal Lending Program Risk Management INFORMATION
Doug Breckel, Associate Vice President, Treasury Office
Chris Malins, Senior Associate Treasurer, Treasury Office
Approval of a Resolution to Issue and Refund General Revenue Bonds ACTION
Chris Malins
UAW Local 4121 Academic Student Employees Collective Bargaining Agreement – UW Ratification ACTION
Peter Denis, Interim Assistant Vice President, Labor Relations
Odegaard Undergraduate Learning Center (OULC) Phase 1 Renovation – Adopt Project Budget, Delegate Authority to Award Design Contract, Authorize Use of Alternative Public Works GC/CM and Delegate Authority to Award GC/CM Contract ACTION

Eric C. Smith, Director, Major Capital Projects, Capital Projects Office
Kirk Pawlowski, Assistant Vice Provost – Capital Resource Planning, Office of Planning and Budgeting

Student Housing Phase II: Mercer Hall Replacement, Lander Hall Replacement, and Site 30W Projects – Status Report INFORMATION
Pam Schreiber, Director, Housing and Food Services
Jon Lebo, Director, Student Life Projects, Capital Projects Office
University of Washington Investment Committee (UWINCO) Update INFORMATION
Keith Ferguson, Chief Investment Officer, Treasury Office
UW Information Technology Strategic Initiatives INFORMATION
Kelli Trosvig, Interim Vice President and Vice Provost, UW Information Technology
Advisory Committee on Real Estate (ACRE) Update INFORMATION
Todd Timberlake, Chief Real Estate Officer
Other Business