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Board of Regents Agenda

Regular Meeting of the Board of Regents

Thursday, November 19, 2009
3:00 p.m.
UW Tower, Board Room, 22nd Floor

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Call to Order


Roll Call: Assistant Secretary Keith

III. Confirm Agenda
Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents: Regent Simon
  Resolution Regarding Schedule of Regular Board Meetings in 2010 (Action) BP–1
  Resolution of Appreciation to Constance L. Proctor (Action) BP–2
Report of the University President: Dr. Emmert
VI. Consent Agenda  
  Approval of Minutes of Meeting of October 15, 2009  
  Establishment of the Graduate Certificate in Public Scholarship A–2
  University of Washington Medicine Board Appointment A–5
  Grant and Contract Awards Summary F–1
  Amendment to University of Washington Advisory Committee on Real Estate Statement of Principles F–2
  Purchase of Alumni House Building F–8
  Implementing a Graduate Degree Fee - Item Pulled from the Agenda F–9
  Smart Grid Project – Review Project Concept and Select Energy Services Contractor F–11
VII. Standing Committees  
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Barer - Chair  
    Academic and Administrative Appointments (Action) A–1
    Challenges and Innovations in Large Class Teaching and Learning (Information only) A–3
    Nitrate Won't Wait: Preserving America's Film Heritage and other Games of Chance (Information only) A–4
  Joint Session  
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Blake - Chair  
    Report of Contributions – August and September, 2009 (Information only) F–3
    Actions Taken Under Delegated Authority (Information only) F–4
    Portage Bay Insurance Annual Report (Information only) F–5
    Investment Performance Report, First Quarter Fiscal Year 2010 (Information only) F–6
    UW Medicine Board Annual Financial Report (Information only) F–7
    Item Pulled From Agenda (Information only) F–10
    Housing & Food Services (HFS) Master Plan Phase II and III Update (Information only) F–12
    Internal Lending Program Quarterly Report (Information only) F–13
    UW Capital Plan Overview (Information only) F–14
    Advancement Return on Investment (Information only) F–15
    Annual Investment Program Review (Information only) F–16
    Consolidated Endowment Fund Investment Pool (Information only) F–17
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Barer - Chair  
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Blake - Chair  
    Legislative Messaging (Information only) A–6
    UW Budget Overview (Information only) F–18
VIII. Other Business  
  Reports from ex-officio representatives to the Board:  
    Faculty Senate Chair: Professor Bruce Balick  
    ASUW President: Mr. Tim Mensing  
    GPSS President: Mr. Jake Faleschini  

Alumni Association President: Mr. Eddie Pasatiempo

IX. Date for Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, December 10, 2009
X. Adjournment