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Population Health

Grant application support

Letters of support

We are pleased to offer letters of support for grant applications that are signed by President Ana Mari Cauce and Provost Gerald Baldasty. These letters are intended to demonstrate that population health is a top priority for the University of Washington, and that the UW is broadly supportive of faculty grant applications that seek to better the health of populations here and around the world.

To request a letter, please complete the following form. We will screen your submission based on fit with our definition of population health and the overall initiative and will respond within five business days of submission with requests for clarification or a response.

Request letter

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Population Health Initiative boilerplate

The following boilerplate language can be included in grant applications to help explain the UW’s commitment to population health:

The University of Washington sees population health as a broad concept encompassing not only the elimination of diseases and injuries, but also the intersecting and overlapping factors that influence health. These influencing factors include the environment, education, mobility, policy and governance, poverty, racism, infrastructure, access to technology, urban planning, and many more. Together, these issues revolve around three major pillars — human health, environmental resilience, and social and economic equity — that affect the lives of billions of people around the world. Through our Population Health Initiative, we seek to build collaboratively on work taking place across these pillars to create a world where all people can live healthier and more fulfilling lives. Visit the initiative website at to learn more.