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September 4, 2013

KUOW inaugurates new two-hour program

News and Information

Logo for The RecordUW-based public radio station KUOW launched “The Record on KUOW” Tuesday, Sept. 3, with more than a half-dozen segments focused on local, national and international news and information.

The show, meant to be fast-paced and to help spark conversation relevant to the region, airs weekdays from noon to 2 p.m.

Previously KUOW produced three separate midday shows, “Weekday,” “The Conversation” and “KUOW Presents.” Through the years, the focus of those shows has overlapped and become very similar, according to information from the station. Thus the decision was made to combine them.

“‘The Record on KUOW’ is news driven,” according to a post about the new show on the station’s website. “It responds to what’s happening in the news and brings our listeners the analysts and personalities who can best tell the story as it’s developing.”

There will be a regular rotation of three hosts: Ross Reynolds, Steve Scher and Marcie Sillman.  Producers Andy Hurst, David Hyde, Arwen Nicks, Jason Pagano and Jeannie Yandel from the previous three shows will work on the new program.

In other scheduling changes, nationally-produced shows such as “The Takeaway” and “To the Point” have new air times on KUOW. New to the schedule are the national newsmagazine “Here & Now” and the radio variety show “Live Wire.”

Headshots of three people

Steve Scher, Marcie Sillman and Ross Reynolds are hosts of “The Record.”KUOW/M Clinard