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January 24, 2012

Discover whats on the health horizon at UW Medicine Mini-Medical School 2012

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Register for the 2012 UW Medicine Mini-Med School

The general public, including members of the UW community, are invited to participate in an exciting lecture series on the latest research, clinical advances and the training of new physicians at the 2012 UW Medicine Mini-Med School.

Mini-Med School will be in session from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. each Tuesday from February 7 to March 13 at Hogness Auditorium in the UW Health Sciences Building.

Seating is limited for this popular series, and registration is filled first-come, first-served.

Register today by calling 206.685.9420 or online at www.uwmedicine.org/minimed

The registration deadline is Tuesday, Jan. 31.

UW Medicine physicians Edith Cheng (left) and Teri Brentnall (right) will host the 2012 Mini-Medical School.

UW Medicine physicians Edith Cheng (left) and Teri Brentnall (right) will host the 2012 Mini-Medical School.Clare McLean

Your hosts for the series will be Dr. Edith Y. Cheng and Dr. Teresa “Teri” Brentnall.  Cheng is a UW professor of obstetrics-gynecology and a world expert in prenatal diagnosis and fetal therapy, and in high-risk pregnancy and newborn care. She is the medical director of the UW Medicine Prenatal Genetics and Treatment Program and the Prenatal and Infant Care Clinic at UW Medical Center, and is program director of the Prenatal Diagnosis and Treatment Program at Seattle Childrens.

Brentnall is the Walters Endowed Chair in the Division of Gastroenterology (digestive diseases), UW Department of Medicine. She is the founder and director of the Pancreatic Cancer Surveillance Program at UW Medical Center. She is noted for her breakthrough discoveries in the genetics of inherited pancreatic cancer.

This years line-up of topics, activities and speakers are:

Feb. 7

Not the traditional path to learning and practicing medicine

After a warm welcome, enjoy an unusual, fun look at educating students by singing science songs. Later, hear about an inspiring career of treating emergency patients in the air from an Airlift Northwest flight nurse. The presenters will be Lawrence R. Robinson, vice dean for clinical affairs and graduate medical education and professor of rehabilitation medicine; Gregory Crowther, acting instructor of medicine, and Christine Martin, executive director, Airlift Northwest.

Feb. 14

Our future depends on improving the health of women and children

Some parts of the world have had incredible success in improving maternal, infant and child health, while others have many challenges to meet. Learn whats being done locally and globally to support the health of women and their young sons and daughters. Speakers are Edith Cheng, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, and Dilys M. Walker, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology and of global health.

Feb. 21

The vaccine trail – whats down the road?

Why are childhood vaccines controversial?  Whats new in immunization delivery? Also, take a look behind laboratory doors while scientists push for new vaccines to treat cancer and other chronic diseases. Mary L. “Nora” Disis, professor of medicine, Division of Oncology, associate dean for translational health sciences, a member of the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, and an investigator with the UW Tumor Vaccine Group; and James A. Taylor, professor of pediatrics and director of the UW Medical Centers Newborn Nursery, will be speaking.

Feb. 28

The “state” of the prostate

For men, protecting the prostate is essential. Learn why most guys experience prostate enlargement as they age.  Also, find out the latest in prostate cancer diagnosis, prognostics, and treatment strategies. The speakers are Daniel W. Lin, associate professor of urology; George E. Laramore, professor of radiation oncology, and Peter S. Nelson, professor of medicine, Division of Oncology, and member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

March 6

Miraculous surgeries: From the microscopic to the massive

From birth defects to trauma, to tumors and other maladies, hear how delicate surgeries have a lasting effect on future function and quality of life.  Douglas P. Hanel, professor of orthopaedics and sports medicine, and Peter C. Neligan, professor of surgery, will highlight the best of reconstructive and plastic surgery.

March 13

Predicting and preventing disease – early diagnostics for all!

Evolving technologies are transforming early disease detection. Discover how researchers push the envelope with a range of innovations as they aim for rapid, accurate medical tests. Hear from Norman J. Beauchamp, professor and chair of radiology; Teri Brentnall, professor of medicine, Division of Gastroenterology; and Barry Lutz, research assistant professor of bioengineering.

The 2012 UW Medicine Mini-Medical School series will be broadcast later this spring on UWTV.  Past years sessions can be viewed at the UWTV website.

Mini-Med School is sponsored by UW Medicine. The entities of UW Medicine are Harborview Medical Center, Northwest Hospital & Medical Center, Valley Medical Center, UW Medical Center, UW Neighborhood Clinics, UW Physicians, UW School of Medicine and Airlift Northwest.