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October 12, 2011

Boring south: A visit into Sound Transit’s light rail dig (with slide show)

UW News

UW Photographer Mary Levin was given a rare chance Wednesday, Oct. 12, to tour the underground site of Sound Transits dig for the 3.15-mile University Link light rail line.

She got to travel down the northbound tunnel (though the machine was boring south) with other members of the media and Sound Transit officials, to see the boring machines, the mud being constantly removed from the site, and the “trailing machine” that acts like a moving control room, following the massive boring machines as they tunnel their way south toward Capitol Hill.

“It was amazing to go down there and see how much equipment is stuffed into such a little area,” Levin said. “Youre so far under the earth! They are like little ants pulling the mud out and slapping up the walls.

“The engineering, to get the air and water and power down there — and the machine that pulls the whole apparatus behind it and makes it all work. It really shows engineering ingenuity.”