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July 27, 2011

Sound Transit seeks artists for Brooklyn, Roosevelt stations

UW News

Sound Transit has issued a call for lead artists for the Brooklyn Station and the Roosevelt Station. The lead artist for each station will work with the architects and engineers to produce unique works of art that will be integrated into the station.

Depending on the number of art opportunities at the station, additional artists may be hired as final design progresses.

Artists who want to be considered for this work should visit the Sound Transits Art Opportunities web page. The artist application deadline is Aug. 15.

Artists will be selected by a panel of artists and design professionals as well as community representatives. Sound Transit staff is working with key stakeholders to identify community representatives to serve on each station’s artist selection panel. The Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs will also be represented on the selection panel.

Learn more about Sound Transits Start Public Art Program on the organizations website.