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June 29, 2011

CareLink expands: Child, elder care consultations now included

UW News

If youve worked at the UW a while, you probably already know about CareLink, the faculty and staff assistance program that provides services to help employees and their families manage lifes many difficulties.

Through CareLink, UW employees, their dependent children in the U.S. and their household members can get short-term counseling for life or work problems, basic financial or legal advice, professional training and more to help you keep work and home lives balanced smoothly.

And now there are two new services available: consultations for child care and elder care issues.

Childcare, education, adoption, and parenting: CareLink now offers consultants to help employees find child care and school options and decide which are right for them. Information on parenting and adoption resources also is available. Also, employees may include in their counseling session anyone who may be involved in their issue, be they friend, relative or co-worker.

Elder and adult care: Also available are people with masters degrees in counseling or social work to help employees find a variety of elder care providers, including assisted living, hospice care, medical equipment and insurance counseling. Resources for caregivers also are available.

“We have had a long established relationship with UW CareLink and the service that they provide,” said Amy Hawkins, WorkLife program manager.

“As people’s lives continue to change and needs arise, we are happy to have expanded upon the areas where UW CareLink can help.” Hawkins said. “Whether you call in and speak to an expert 24/7, access them online via the ‘live connect or access articles available from their website, you’ll find plenty of information.”

To provide CareLink, the UW partners with APS Healthcare, a leading national provider of programs that help employees make the most out of their personal and professional lives.

UW supervisors and managers can take advantage of UW CareLinks management consultation service. From preparing for a difficult conversation to advice on how to maintain a positive and productive work environment, professional coaching is available by telephone at no cost to UW departments.

You can read more online or request that a brochure be sent your way by emailing worklife@uw.edu.

Hawkins said, “We want people to know that UW Human Resources continues to look for ways to support our employees, especially during difficult times.”