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February 16, 2011

Sound Transit chooses design for Brooklyn Station

UW News

After evaluating two design options and taking input from the community, Sound Transit has decided to move forward with a single entrance design for Brooklyn Station.

To help inform the decision, Sound Transit hosted a Brooklyn Station public open house on Jan. 27. More than 150 people attended the open house, providing feedback verbally and in written comments. Sound Transit also took comments via e-mail.

Several local property and business owners were briefed separately on the design options. The open house presentation and a summary of public feedback about both options are available for reading online.

Overall, there was strong support for building the Link light rail station in the U-District. As final design proceeds, Sound Transit will explore ways to improve station entrance visibility, pedestrian connections and way-finding tools for the single-entrance option.

More details about the Brooklyn Station design will be presented and discussed at a public open house this spring once 30 percent design is complete.

During project development, Sound Transit uses temporary, working titles for Link light rail stations based on landmarks or cross streets. Brooklyn Station, Roosevelt Station and Northgate Station are working titles; the Sound Transit Board will select official station names for the North Link project at a later date.