UW News

February 14, 2011

Egypt: The Revolution and the Future

Whats next for Egypt? Whats the way forward from Hosni Mubaraks ouster and peoples desires for a democratic Egypt?

Four UW experts, including two in Cairo, will address the question in a panel discussion at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17, in 210 Kane.

The discussion is titled Egypt: The Revolution and the Future. Participating will be:

  • Hind Ahmed, a doctoral student in political science and an activist in Tahrir Square, speaking live from Cairo.
  • Ellis Goldberg, a professor of political science and a Carnegie Fellow, speaking live from Cairo.
  • Joel S. Migdal, the Robert F. Philip Professor of International Studies.
  • Re┼čat Kasaba, director of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

For more information visit the Middle East Centers events page online or contact Felicia Hecker, associate director of the Middle East Center, at fhecker@uw.edu or 206-543-4227.