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August 19, 2010

Consortium of Universities for Global Health 2010 annual conference to be held at UW Sept. 19-21

UW Health Sciences/UW Medicine

Universities are at the center of a global health revolution and are leading the way in exciting interdisciplinary partnerships.

“Transforming Global Health: The Interdisciplinary Power of Universities” is the theme of this year’s Consortium of Universities for Global Health second annual meeting. The event is the biggest global health conference of its kind involving universities. It is being held on the UW campus Sept. 19-21 in partnership with the UW Department of Global Health.

Find out what universities are doing around training, educational technology, climate change, bioengineering, new media, diplomacy, and more. The meeting program includes 18 theme-based panels with over 110 distinguished speakers.

Panel sessions include: The Role of Universities in Global Health; The Global Health Initiative; Engineering Innovative Technologies & Global Health; The Environment, Climate Change, & Global Health; Prevention & Control of Chronic Diseases; Health of Women, Mothers, & Children; Journalism, New Media, & Global Health; One Health: Detection & Control of Emerging & Endemic Zoonotic Pathogens; Mobilizing Resources for Global Health; Regional University Global Health Consortia; Educational Innovations & Experiences in Global Health; Enabling Systems: Legal Issues in Implementing & Managing Global Health Programs; Academic Partnerships in Global Health; Building Education Program Capacity in Africa; Global Health Policy & Diplomacy; Health Systems & Implementation Science; The Future: Next Steps for Universities in Global Health.

Join the largest group of global health leaders ever assembled at UW. For more information, go to Consortium of Universities for Global Health website.