UW News

April 22, 2010

UW ranked first nationally for primary care for 17th year in a row

The UW has been ranked first among primary-care medical schools in the country for the 17th consecutive year, according to annual rankings of graduate and professional programs provided April 15 by U.S.News & World Report.

The UW School of Medicine was tied for sixth among research medical schools, and the UW medical school’s doctoral program in genetics/genomics/bioinformatics was ranked fifth in the nation.

Academic specialties ranked in the top 10 for the quality of teaching medical students were: Family medicine (first for 19th year in a row), rural medicine (first for 19th year in a row), AIDS (fourth), internal medicine (sixth), geriatrics (sixth), pediatrics (eighth) and women’s health (ninth)

The UW College of Engineering and School of Medicine’s biomedical/bioengineering specialty was ranked fifth.

Other programs ranked in the top ten include:

  • Education, ranked 10th; specialties in curriculum and instruction, ninth, elementary education, seventh and special education, ninth.
  • Computer science, seventh; specialties in artificial intelligence, sixth, systems, fifth, and theory, eighth.
  • Earth science specialties in geology, 10th, and geophysics/seismology, 10th.
  • Biostatistics, third, and statistics, sixth.

Many other UW graduate programs have been ranked among the best in the nation in previous years. More information is available here.