UW News

November 5, 2009

UW smoothes pathway to three-year bachelor’s degree

The UW has announced a new program to make it easier for students entering the University with a high number of advanced placement and/or Running Start credits to complete a bachelor’s degree in three years. It’s called The Husky Advantage.

The program is designed to help students with 45 advanced placement or Running Start credits complete certain bachelor’s degree programs in three years instead of the traditional four.

Each year, approximately 500 freshmen enter the University with 45 college credits obtained in high school from advanced placement courses or from having attended a Washington community college through the Running Start program. Some of these students accelerate their coursework with the intent of moving through college more quickly. Through careful planning and advising, students who present such credits can complete general education requirements and fulfill the requirement of selected majors all in three years’ time, thus saving a year’s worth of college tuition and fees — about $7,400 for resident undergraduates.

“We don’t think enough attention has been paid to those students who earn AP or Running Start credit once they come to us,” said UW President Mark A. Emmert. “They have accelerated their learning and achieved at a high level before they arrive on campus. We need to make sure that those students who do so with an eye toward moving through here faster can do so with help, guidance, and without impediments. It’s great for them and it ultimately is a highly efficient model for educating more of our state’s brightest students. We’re committed to making the AP and Running Start systems work for them and increasing the number of students who can take advantage of this new program.”

Most majors that will be able to accommodate the Husky Advantage model are in the College of Arts and Sciences. Students interested in pursuing the UW’s three-year degree should contact the UW Office of Admissions.