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December 18, 2008

President Mark Emmert’s statement regarding Gov. Gregoire’s proposed budget

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The following statement is from University of Washington President Mark Emmert regarding Gov. Gregoire’s proposed 2009-11 budget:

“We knew this was coming and that higher education and the University of Washington, like other state agencies, would be asked to bear some of the consequences of the worsening economic situation the state is experiencing,” said UW President Mark Emmert. “But this magnitude of cut, if enacted, would seriously harm the University and impede our ability to serve the higher education needs of our state’s citizens. Reducing state support this much at a time when more people are looking to higher education to help lift us out the economic downward spiral may be pennywise but pound foolish. We will be working hard over the next several months with the Legislature to arrive at a budget for the University that reflects the need to cut costs and reduce spending but which does not do the kind of damage from which it may take years and years to recover.”