UW News

September 27, 2007

Conference on male contraception set for Sept. 27-28

Dr. William J. Bremner, chair of the UW Department of Medicine, is local host of  The Future of Male Contraception (http://www.futureofmalecontraception.com/)an international conference co-sponsored by UW on Sept. 27 and 28 at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle. The conference is also sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, and CONRAD (Contraceptive Research and Development Program, an international consortium).

More than 140 participants from around the world will gather to address the latest developments in research and trials of contraceptives for men. Experts will present updates on technological studies, promising new approaches and agents, and clinical studies of male contraceptives, including the Intra Vas Device, a set of tiny implants that block the flow of sperm.

The conference is aimed at researchers and policymakers but is open to the public and journalists.

Bremner, who holds the Robert G. Petersdorf Endowed Chair in Medicine, is director of the Male Contraception Research Center at UW, one of four such centers in the nation devoted to expediting development of new approaches to regulating fertility. The center is part of the national Cooperative Contraceptive Research Centers Program (CCRCP), funded by the Contraception and Reproductive Health Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Other UW participants in next week’s conference include David Amory, John Amory, Bradley Anawalt, Donner Babcock, Robert Braun, Anne Carlson, Mara Lang, Alvin Matsumoto, Daniel Morgan, Charles Muller, Stephanie Page, C. Alvin Paulsen, Connie Pete, Sonya Schuh-Huerta, Manju Sharma, Christin Snyder, and Kathy Winter, as well as Michael Griswold and Qing Zhou of WSU.

For more information, contact Patricia Garcia, of the Center for Research in Reproduction and Contraception, at 206-616-0481 or pgarcia@u.washington.edu.