UW News

August 2, 2007

Try alternate commute option during construction

UW Commuter Services is urging staff and faculty to take one car off the road by biking, busing or sharing a ride to campus during the I-5 lane closure. Aug. 10-29.

Commuter Services and AlterNetRides have teamed up to offer the UW community the chance to try different commute modes and get rewarded for it. Those who join the “Got Jam?” Commute Challenge log all their commutes to campus from Aug. 10-29. Participants who choose an alternate to driving alone at least half the time will be rewarded with a $10 Commuter Bonus Plus Voucher. Vouchers can be spent just like cash at REI, Flexcar, 76 gas stations, Brown Bear Car Wash, and AAA.

AlterNetRides is an online ridesharing program that is working with Commuter Services to develop applications to support commute challenges like Ride in the Rain and Walk In. Commuter Services is interested in feedback about the system from “Got Jam?” participants.

For more information or to register, go to http://www.washington.edu/commuterservices/programs/promotions/Got_Jam.php.