UW News

July 5, 2007

UW copy centers go green

UW Copy Centers are now using 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper. The transition from the 30 percent recycled to 100 percent recycled stock began on June 4, and all copy centers were switched out by July 1. This move is the first of many to support the campus sustainability efforts.

“We have been studying various recycled papers for the last couple of years and are thrilled to find a 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper that is comparable in price and quality to what we have previously used and that is compatible with our printers,” reports Katy Folk-Way, assistant director of Copy Services.

The new recycled paper stock is supplied by local paper mill Grays Harbor which uses renewable biomass fuels and produces only carbon neutral, clean energy. The cost of copies will increase 1/8 of a cent, a small price to pay for the environmental benefits.

For more information, go to http://www.washington.edu/admin/pubserv/updates/