UW News

March 30, 2006

UW introduces new specialty license plates

A team of students from the UW’s graphic design program has created a bold new look for the University’s specialty license plate.

The newly designed specialty license plate was launched last week. It combines the University’s seal with a purple block-letter W. The design is the result of research involving alumni, athletic fans, students, faculty, staff and parents.

The new plate was unveiled at last year’s Apple Cup where hundreds of people signed up in advance to be among the first to put these new plates on their vehicles.

These plates cost an additional $40 the year a vehicle owner buys them and an additional $30 per year for as long as they remain on the vehicle. These fees are in addition to all other state and local licensing fees that are due.

Every time a vehicle owner buys or renews UW specialty plates, $28 of the fee paid is transferred to the UW General Scholarship Fund as a tax-deductible contribution.

The plates are available at neighborhood vehicle licensing offices statewide. A vehicle owner doesn’t have to wait until the current plates expire to purchase them.

A specialized license plate application form can be downloaded at http://uwfoundation.org/license_plates/uwlicense_app2006.pdf. Vehicle licensing office location information can be found at https://wws2.wa.gov/dol/vsagents/ or by calling 360-902-3770.

To obtain a receipt for the tax-deductible contribution, mail a copy of the vehicle registration to UW Gift Processing, 1200 Fifth Ave., Suite 500, Box 358240.