UW News

January 26, 2006

Bothell, Tacoma reserve seats for transfer students

With the state poised to allow the first freshmen at UW Bothell and UW Tacoma in 2006, both schools have formalized agreements promising transfer students more than half of their undergraduate seats.

In the agreements, which formalize both schools’ long-standing commitments to serving as the next academic step for transfer students, Bothell promises a minimum upper-division enrollment of 1,150 full-time students, while Tacoma promises 1,300. In addition, at least 52 percent of available UWB undergraduate seats will be reserved for qualified community college and technical college transfer students, while 72 percent of the Tacoma slots will be reserved for these students.

The agreement formalizes UWB and UWT’s commitment to expand access for upper-division transfer students even as they move toward adding freshmen and sophomores to their campuses, which currently serve only juniors, seniors and graduate students.

Legislation was passed last year that permits both schools to begin accepting lower-division students, starting in fall, 2006. With the addition of freshmen, both schools will be able to help meet the state’s need for expanded four-year opportunities.

The agreements also promises that community and technical college students will have ample information to use for academic planning and full access to UWB and UWT majors.

The agreement calls for co-admission and co-enrollment agreements to be completed by December of 2006.

The UWB agreement is posted at https://my.uwb.edu/storage/456 The UWT agreement is at http://www.tacoma.washington.edu/chancellor/docs/transfer_agreement_2005.pdf