UW News

December 8, 2005

January’s coming: Get ready to ride in the rain

Registration for the 3rd annual Ride in the Rain Challenge is under way. Bring some joy into your gloomy January as you ride to work on your bike and count your trips to win prizes. Ride 20 one way commute trips during the month of January and celebrate with fellow riders at the awards luncheon and merchandise fair in February.

Register right now as an individual, a free agent looking for a team to join, or start your own team. You can click to the site to learn more: https://www.washington.edu/upass/ride_rain.  

Take a minute to absorb the details– if you’re a Ride in the Rain alum, you’ll notice a few changes. For instance, we’ve made the whole program a lot easier on captains–this year every rider will post his/her own rides online each week.

After you sign yourself up– recruit a new Ride in the Rain bike rider. If you recruit 3 new riders, we’ll send you a free Ride in the Rain shirt! These are the same great wicking shirts identified with previous Ride in the Rain Challenges. This year they are silver with the Ride in the Rain logo in hot magenta.