UW News

October 20, 2005

UW’s enrollment up slightly since last year

Seattle Information

The UW’s Seattle enrollment for autumn quarter 2005 is 39,251, including 2,019 non-matriculated students (those who are not seeking degrees) enrolled in credit courses through University Educational Outreach.

  • Undergraduate enrollment is 25,469 and graduate and professional is 11,763.
  • Over half of the students are women, numbering 20,501 or 52.2 percent.
  • Last year’s headcount was 39,199.

New freshmen, those entering the UW directly from high school, went from 4,870 to 4,893, an increase of 23, or .4 percent. The grade-point average for the new class is 3.69, the same as in 2004, and the average Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) score is 1198, up from 1183.

The enrollment of new underrepresented freshmen (African Americans, American Indians, Hispanic/Latinos, and Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders) decreased by 5.3 percent, from 472 to 447.

For autumn 2005, students of color total 11,339 and represent 28.9 percent of the overall enrollments (up from 28.1 percent in 2004); 34.1 percent of the undergraduate enrollments (down from 34.3); and 16.6 percent of graduate and professional enrollments (up from 16.1 percent).

New transfer students decreased from 1,460 to 1,430, a change of 2.1 percent. Entering underrepresented transfer students rose from 133 in 2004 to 159 in 2005, an increase of 19.5 percent. Washington Community and Technical Colleges sent 1,108 students to the UW in 2005, a decrease of 52 or 4.5 percent from the previous year.

New graduate students total 3,083 (the total in 2004 was 2,866). Enrollments of new underrepresented graduate students decreased by 5.6 percent. New professional students total 509, down from 523 a year ago.

Bothell and Tacoma Information

Enrollments at UW Bothell and Tacoma total 3,723, with 2,189 students enrolled at Tacoma and 1,534 enrolled at Bothell. The campuses enroll upper division undergraduate and graduate students.

Women account for more than half of the students at both campuses, with 61.8 percent, or 1,352, at Tacoma and 56.3 percent, or 863, at Bothell.

Most of the students enrolled at the Bothell campus (58.4 percent) are from King County, and 24.2 percent are from Snohomish County. The remaining students are from other areas.

Pierce County accounts for 46.4 percent of the Tacoma campus students. An additional 23.4 percent come from King County, 4.9 percent from Kitsap County and 7.8 percent from Thurston County. The remaining students are from other areas.

For additional information, contact Philip Ballinger, Director of Admissions, at 206-543-9686 or Todd Mildon, University Registrar, at 206-543-5378.