UW News

February 3, 2005

Mystery Photo

Where are we?  The photo above was taken somewhere on campus.  You tell us where, and be specific.  The name of a building is not enough.  The names of all those with the correct answer will be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate donated by the University Book Store.  Send your entry by e-mail to uweek@u.washington.edu along with your name and department.  The deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8.  We’ll give away one prize per quarter.

Last issue’s answer:  We were forced to give credit to anyone who identified last week’s photo as one of the campus’ stone benches, since many of them have an identical design.  The particular one in the photo — which many people were able to pinpoint — sits in front of Bagley Hall facing Drumheller Fountain.  All those who received credit are listed below.

1. Suzanne Perrigue, Classroom Support Services
2. Tina Loucks-Jaret, Computer Science & Engineering
3. Catherine A. Ruha, Asian Languages and Literature
4. John W.B. Malcomson, Asian Languages and Literature
5. Cynthia Wythe, Office of Research
6. Helen MacQueen, Office of Research
7. Sarah Sterling, Anthropology
8. Jenine Honjiyo, UWEB
9. Graham Allan, Forest Resources
10. Earl Yamane & Michael Csapo, UW Police
11. Janice Chen, Genome Sciences
12. Janet Ness, UW Libraries
13. John Bolding, UW Police
14. Akram Zouroufchi, Health Sciences Libraries
15. Betsy Raleigh, Business School
16. Steffan Henderson, Chemistry
17. Liz Wong, Meany Hall
18. John Blattenbauer, Applied Physics Lab
19. Antoinette Wills, Arts & Sciences
20. Alec Constabaris, Medicinal Chemistry
21. Bu Huang, Social Work
22. Danette Rogers, Facility Services
23. Steven Tait, Physics
24. Art Kerr, Biostatistics
25. Matt Wingate, Physics
26. Jason Beard, Engineering Professional Programs
27. Mike Heinekey, Chemistry