UW News

January 21, 2005

UW Bothell helps 5th and 6th graders design a Mission to Mars

The University of Washington, Bothell (UW Bothell)’s very own student organization, Community Science Connection, is making a difference in the community!

Community Science Connection helped twenty-six 5th and 6th graders of Bothell to enter the “Design a Lunar-Based Mission to Mars” contest. The elementary schoolers’ mission designs will be submitted to a NASA sponsored competition. The NASA Student Involvement Program holds an annual nationwide competition for K-12 students.

Working in teams of 4-5 students, the participants researched and created Mars mission designs. UWB student volunteers served as team leaders and guide the participants in writing techniques, scientific validity, as well as following the competition requirements. Activities include impact-crater making, water erosion studies, communication exercises, and teamwork.

Over two weekends in January 2005, students came up with six unique and innovative mission designs to explore the current unknowns of Mars. Their concepts ranged from how to create cement in the Martian environment to locating lava tubes for use as habitat locations for future colonization.

UWB will host a display session on campus during mid-February to showcase the projects. Come meet the future Martian scientists and engineers!

For more information on the showcase or how to participate during the next school year, please contact kamy@u.washington.edu  for more information.