UW News

November 18, 2004

Staffer enjoys work with scouts

Name: Ann Spangler

UW Job: Administrative Assistant, Office of Institutional Studies

Volunteer Activity: Brownie, Junior and Cadette Girl Scout Leader

Organization’s main mission: To give young people leadership skills and training to be used currently and as they move through life.

How long a volunteer: About 20 years.

Why this activity: I feel that working with young adults and children to help them develop life skills, knowledge and resources sets them up better for life experiences. They’ll be more likely to be committed to responsibilities and be open to trying new things.

Memorable experiences while volunteering: My cadette troop has just started volunteering with a special needs brownie troop. I’ve enjoyed seeing the excitement of the brownies when they’re with the older girls with all their badges. And the cadettes have so much fun not only helping the girls, but also learning about special needs and how people can be different from what you are expecting.

Satisfaction for you in volunteering: I like getting out of my own world and working with all sorts of different types of kids — finding out about them and how much they know, what they want to learn and how capable they are.