UW News

November 4, 2004

Faculty Senate seeks vice-chair, secretary

The Faculty Senate is currently recruiting for two important positions in its organization — secretary of the faculty and vice chair of the senate.

The secretary of the faculty oversees the operations of the Faculty Senate and faculty councils, and manages the faculty’s adjudicative proceedings. He or she supervises the work of the senate office staff. The secretary also guides and oversees additions and changes to the University Handbook, and particularly to the Faculty Code — the faculty’s “constitution.”

The secretary of the faculty is appointed for a five-year term. The job requires a 75 percent commitment during the academic year and full-time for two months in the summer.

The person chosen as vice chair will serve in that position during the 2005–2006 academic year and as chair of the Faculty Senate during the 2006–2007 academic year. This position requires a two-year, half-time commitment.

Faculty are welcome to nominate themselves or others for either position. For a full job description on the secretary position, see Official Notices. Application or nomination letters should be sent to the senate in care of Nancy Bradshaw, Box 351271. Nominees for secretary will be considered Nov. 29. The nominating committee expects to recommend nominees for vice chair on Nov. 15.