UW News

October 1, 2004

UW Bothell continues year-long series on community/ university partnerships

Jace Weaver, Founding Director of the Institute of Native American Studies at the University of Georgia and a prominent Native American studies scholar in religion, law, environment and culture, will discuss Native American ethics of place and architecture, part of a larger conversation being developed at UW Bothell with local scholars, artists and community workers on Native story, land and community.

He will also lead a discussion focused on strategies for collaboration between campuses and Native communities. Dr. Weaver will be joined by faculty from the University of Washington Bothell, UW Seattle, and Cascadia Community College as well as representatives from the Whidbey Institute, the Tulalip Tribes and other community organizations interested in developing bolder connections between public arts and humanities and higher education.

Placing the Humanities: New Locales, New Meanings is a year-long UW Bothell year long program designed to foster discussions between campuses and to build links between faculty and public scholars in the humanities and arts. The series began with a public forum on current and potential projects aimed at building new partnerships between universities and communities with Julie Ellison, Professor of English at the University of Michigan and Director of “Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life,” a national consortium of public humanities programs. The final public forum in this series, led by Keyan Tomaselli, Director of Communication, Culture and Media Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, will be held in April 2005.