UW News

December 11, 2003

Cyclists invited to ‘Ride in the Rain’

Campus bike riders are invited to participate in the Ride in the Rain Challenge, sponsored by the UW’s Transportation Office and set to run Jan. 1–31.

To participate, gather a team of between four and 10 people. A team captain is responsible for providing a record of how many times everyone rides each week. Riders who commute at least eight round trips during the 31-day month are eligible to receive an invitation to a celebration and fashion show — where bike fashion meets its match.

Teams can win awards based on the following categories:

  • Most miles
  • Most trips
  • Most new riders
  • Most times teams ride in the rain

A “soaked to the gills” trophy will be provided to the team that wins in the rain category. Other prizes include REI gift certificates, bike equipment, bike clothes, lunches provided by Housing & Food Services, a Cascade Bicycle Club bike pass, helmet and light sets from Hall Health and more.

For further information about the competition, go to http://www.washington.edu/upass/riderain.html