UW News

August 21, 2003

Things Your Mother Never Taught You: Changes in tech transfer program explained

The first monthly seminar in the 2003-04 series on “Things Your Mother Never Taught You,” sponsored by the School of Medicine’s Office of Industry Relations, will be from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 1, in room D-209 of the Health Sciences Center.

The topic is “The New Era of Technology Transfer at the UW: Better, Faster, Market-Driven.” The presentation is open to everyone.

This seminar will describe the improved system to commercialize biomedical technology at the UW, after significant operational changes that were made in the past year.

Dr. Susan Wray, director of the Office of Industry Relations, will give an overview of the process for commercialization of life sciences technologies.

Dr. Paul Brynes, licensing officer from the UW Office of Technology Licensing, will describe how that office helps inventors review the market, patent and licensing potential of their inventions.

Dr. Chuck Williams, interim director of the UW Office of Software and Copyright Ventures, and his colleague Dana Bostrom will speak about the methods that office uses to distribute and commercialize databases, software and other digital works, with emphasis on bioinformatics.

The series will continue at the same time and place on Nov. 5 with a presentation on faculty consulting, and on Dec. 3, when the topic is successful patent and copyright license agreements.