UW News

April 3, 2003

Bringing software and information products to market

Among those “Things Your Mother Never Taught You,” the name of a School of Medicine series organized by the Industry Relations Office, are “UW Models for Managing, Distributing and Commercializing Data, Code and Other Materials,” the title for their next program.

The presentation will from from 1 to 2 p.m., Wednesday, April 9, in room D-209, the Turner Auditorium, at the Health Sciences Center. The program is open to everyone.

Dana Bostrom and Chuck Williams, both from the UW, will discuss models the University has used effectively to distribute software and other information products. The Office of Software & Copyright Ventures receives more than $2.5 million annually from licensing software and information products, and this sum is distributed to labs and innovators.

Bostrom is software technology manager for the Office of Software & Copyright Ventures and Williams is interim director of the office. The speakers will be introduced by Dr. Susan Wray, director of industry relations.

They will talk about methods to validate software and information products, strategies to attract an audience and gain adopters, and methods to set up licensing programs with their office to distribute software and other information products. They will also cover how developers should work with their office and what they can do to work with end users and distributors to develop the product and bring the innovation into use.

The next seminar in the “Things Your Mother Never Taught You” series will be on May 14, when Michael Corn, director for research and industry relations support in the School of Medicine, will speak on “Outside Employment and Consulting by UW School of Medicine Faculty.” For more on the series, see the Web site at http://www.washington.edu/medicine/industry/activities.html