UW News

December 6, 2001

Collaborative dance concert kicks off tonight

MFA candidates in dance designed the moves, postgraduate composers wrote the music and undergraduate dance students bring it all to life in the Composer/Choreographer Collaborative Concert, opening tonight in Meany Studio Theater. The concert is the culmination of a class in which budding choreographers and composers create dances for student performers.

The program includes:

  • Temper, Temper, a no-holds-barred movement firestorm that uses a heated argument as its metaphorical launching point. Michael Foley, choreographer; Ralph Forsland, composer.

  • Jerk, a quirky, hyperactive dance exploring the fine line between self-righteousness and childishness. Jeff Curtis, choreographer; Melodie Linhart, composer.

  • Bone Spill Suite, a dance for eight supported by Donald Craig’s improvisations with electric guitar and drums. Sarah Gamblin, choreographer.

  • Service Related, a dance that uses weaving patterns and obsessive, angular movement to evoke one man’s attempt to assemble and deliver information. Terry Hollis, choreographer; Cristopher Ewing, composer.

  • Fe, a gender bending quartet for three women and one man that explores contemporary feminist issues. Kelly Knox, choreographer; Deborah Penberthy, composer.

  • Resistance to Displacement, a dance that investigates the modes of resistance and acceptance inherent between groups and individuals. Kristen Daley, choreographer; Donald Craig, composer.

  • When We Fell, a dance exploring the consequences of living in a world out of balance. John Dixon, choreographer; Christopher Shainin, composer.

The concert will be Dec. 6-8 at 8 p.m. and Dec. 9 at 2 p.m. Tickets are available at the Arts Ticket Office, 4001 University Way N.E., 206-543-4880.