UW News

February 8, 2001

UW Hall Health Primary Care Center accredited by national body

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) has accredited the University of Washington’s Hall Health Primary Care Center for three years. In the letter of notification, AAAHC President William H. Beeson said, “The dedication and effort necessary to achieve accreditation is substantial. UW Hall Health Primary Care Center is to be commended for this accomplishment.”

Dr. Elaine C. Jong, director of UW Hall Health and clinical professor in the UW School of Medicine, says, “Most agree that access to a health-care center located right on the main UW campus is a great convenience. It is reassuring to know that the health care provided at Hall Health over the years meets nationally recognized standards for quality health care.”

The health-care professionals at Hall Health see themselves as part of the team that contributes to UW students being able to achieve their educational goals. The center provides health care services to meet both physical and mental health needs. However, Hall Health also has a vital role in community health through the provision of clinical services to other members of the UW campus community, including faculty, staff, volunteers, visitors and residents of surrounding neighborhoods, as well as by sponsorship of various public health and wellness programs.

In order to achieve accreditation, UW Hall Health Primary Care Center underwent an extensive on-site survey of its facilities and services. The survey review board, composed of physicians and health care
administrators, evaluated all aspects of patient care including the quality of care provided, medical records, clinical laboratory services, pharmaceutical services, radiology services, health education, and other professional and technical services during the survey process.

Jong says, “We are pleased and proud to have achieved accreditation. We think that accreditation is very important and has helped us to improve the quality of care that we provide. We feel that our patients are the ultimate beneficiaries from our participation in the accreditation program.”

At this time, the Hall Health staff is dedicated to a process of continuous improvement in how they respond to the changing health needs of their unique patient populations and the changing environment of health care.

Hall Health averages 6,000 patient visits per month, or approximately 72,000 visits per year.