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December 4, 2000

University and union agree on historic union recognition pact

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A strike scheduled for today has been canceled. In eleventh hour negotiations, the University of Washington and the Graduate Student Employee Action Coalition/United Auto Workers (GSEAC/UAW) reached an agreement that each felt achieved its major goals.

The UW recognized GSEAC/UAW as the majority representative for those teaching assistants, readers, graders and tutors who signed authorization cards, and will meet and confer with the union over terms and conditions of employment.

The University’s concerns regarding the protection of its interests through collective bargaining legislation have also been met. The union and the University agreed jointly to draft and lobby for legislation.

GSEAC/UAW began its campaign to represent the 1,600 teaching assistants, readers, graders and tutors at the UW in January.

Both parties are spending the day notifying their constituencies about the agreement.

Karen Kavanagh, assistant vice president for human resources at the UW, said, “The University is confident that together union and management can work productively to move legislation and create a positive relationship.”

Ken Lang, member of the GSEAC/UAW organizing committee, said, “We believe this agreement is a positive step towards establishing productive and cooperative labor relations between our union and the University.”

Note: The Memorandum of Understanding is available at: http://www.grad.washington.edu/taunion-memo-understanding.htm