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April 3, 2000

UW tops nursing school and primary-care medical school rankings

The University of Washington is No. 1 among both nursing schools and primary-care medical schools in U.S. News & World Report annual rankings of graduate programs and professional schools.

In the issue on newsstands April 3, more than 40 UW programs and specialties received rankings in the top 10 from among the hundreds that were considered across the nation. Another nine received rankings of No. 25 or better.

This is the seventh time that the UW has topped the nursing school rankings. Eight academic specialties in the school also were ranked:

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner — 1st
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult Medical/Surgical — 1st
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community/Public Health — 1st
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatry/Mental Health — 1st
Family Nurse Practitioner — 2nd
Adult Nurse Practitioner — 2nd
Gerontological — 2nd
Nursing Service Administration — 3rd

This is the seventh straight year that the School of Medicine has been named the top primary-care medical school. In the overall ranking of medical schools, the UW medical school was No. 9. Academic specialties ranked at the medical school were:

Family Medicine — 1st
Rural Medicine — 1st
Pediatrics — 4th
AIDS — 4th
Women’s Health — 4th
Geriatrics — 6th
Internal Medicine — 7th
Microbiology — 7th
Drug and Alcohol Abuse — 9th

Other UW graduate programs and academic specialties ranked in the magazine were:

Social Work — 3rd

Speech and Hearing Sciences (not ranked)

Speech Pathology — 2nd
Audiology — 4th

Drama/Theater — 4th

Public Health — 5th

Health services administration — 4th

Computer Science — 7th

Software — 5th
Hardware — 7th
Theory — 8th
Artificial Intelligence — 9th
Graphics: User Interaction — 9th
Engineering — 31st
Bioengineering — 5th (joint program between Engineering and School of Medicine)
Computer Engineering — 9th

Creative Writing — 10th

Sociology — 13th

Social Psychology — 7th

Physics — 14th

Nuclear Physics — 2nd
Atomic/Molecular Physics — 8th
Psychology — 16th

Clinical Psychology — 6th

Geology — 18th

Geophysics — 9th

Architecture — 19th

Biological Sciences — 20th

English — 24th

History — 24th

Mathematics — 25th

Mathematical Statistics — 9th

Law — 26th

Education — 27th

Special Education — 6th
Secondary Teacher — 9th

Music — 30th

High-ranking graduate programs from previous years, but which were not re-evaluated this year include: Nursing specialty in Midwifery (10th); Pharmacy (13th); Public Affairs (20th) and specialties Public Policy Analysis (26th), Environmental Policy (5th) and Nonprofit Management (11th); and Library Science (18th).

Selected rankings appear in the April 10 issue of US News & World Report. The rankings are established through several combined methods including statistical analysis of selected academic attributes and surveys of deans and senior faculty at accredited schools in each discipline.


For more information:
Richard Folkers, US News & World Report, (202) 955-2219