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February 4, 2000

Volcanos, oceans and life in our solar system subjects of Feb. 15 lecture

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Free lecture “Volcanos, Oceans and Life in Our Solar System: A Fiber-Optic Telescope to Inner Space” by University of Washington oceanographer John Delaney.

Images relayed last month from the Galileo spacecraft have provided the most compelling evidence yet that there are likely to be two oceans in our solar system: one on Earth and one on Europa, a moon circling Jupiter. Find out how studying the ocean right off the coast of Washington could be a key in exploring the seas of Europa in search of extraterrestrial life — life that scientists speculate could be like the microorganisms flourishing in the deepest regions of our own oceans.

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 7:30 p.m.

Room 130, Kane Hall, UW campus

The lecture will be broadcast by UWTV following the presentation. The schedule of cable broadcasts can be found at http://uwtv.org/sciforum/

This lecture is the second of three public lectures this year sponsored by the newly created UW Science Forum.