UW News

November 3, 1998

Medical Center raises parking fees for non-patients who use patients’ garage

What if you had a doctor’s appointment or were checking into the hospital, but couldn’t find a place to park?

Patients at University of Washington Medical Center have sometimes been faced with that challenge in the underground Triangle Parking Garage, which is designated for patients and visitors to patients only.

All too often, other drivers have also found it a convenient place to park.

However, as of Monday, Nov. 2, more parking stalls should be available for patients and their visitors. The daily rate without a validation sticker will be raised from $6 to $18, to deter others from parking there.

Patients and their visitors will continue to be charged a maximum of $2, payable on exiting — if they have a validation sticker. The sticker will be available only at the patient’s initial point of service.

A few others will be authorized to park in the Triangle Garage at the old daily rate, including UW Dental School patients, some research subjects, some volunteers, and a limited number of medical center staff who hold special permits.

Disabled patients are assigned to lot S-10 at the east end of the medical center, or to S-1 as an overflow lot.