UW News

October 14, 1996

Intel Corp. announces $1.5 million gift of equipment for new engineering building at UW

Intel Corp. has announced a gift of 150 high-end personal computers to the University of Washington to help equip a new building that will house the departments of computer science and engineering and electrical engineering. The donation is valued at $1,475,650.

“We have a great relationship with Intel,” said Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Brian Bershad, who authored the proposal for the Intel gift. “A research university provides unique learning opportunities for students, but we rely on gifts from our corporate friends for augmenting the state budget to provide the infrastructure needed to take full advantage of these opportunities.”

The donated computers are Intel Pentium-based PCs to equip the new engineering building, which is scheduled to be completed in February 1997. About a dozen of the computers will be configured with large amounts of memory (128 MB) and will be used as file and print servers. The rest will be used as desktop computers for students and faculty in the departments of computer science and engineering and electrical engineering.

Two of the strongest departments in the UW College of Engineering, computer science and engineering and electrical engineering are ranked ninth and 25th respectively in their fields by the National Research Council and consistently turn out graduates who are heavily recruited by industry. In 1995, Intel hired more new college graduates (75) from the UW than from any other university in the country.

“Our students view Intel as a great employer. Intel views our students as great employees. And our faculty views Intel and its people as great partners,” Bershad said. “It’s a broad-based partnership that includes collaborative research projects, grants for research and education, a large flow of co-op students to Intel jobs and valued donations of money and equipment.”

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