Parking on Commencement Day

Parking for any event occurring on campus on Saturday, June 14th, Commencement Day, between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. will require a parking permit. Graduates will be able to pre-purchase Commencement Day parking permits for most of the lots on campus when they register to participate and order their caps and gowns in May. Lots available will include E-1, E-12, S-1 (behind the Health Sciences building), the Portage Bay Parking Facility, Central Plaza Parking Garage, and the N-1 and N-5 parking lots. Shuttles will be running from the Portage Bay and N-1 and N-5 lots to transport guests from those lots to a drop-off point close to the stadium.

See parking map.

Disability Parking on Commencement Day

Disability Parking will be available close to the stadium and there will be golf carts running between E-1 and E-12 lots and the stadium. It will also be possible to drop off guests in the Tubby Graves Parking Lot, just north of the stadium. Guests may be picked up after the ceremony in this same lot. However, the lot will be closed for 30-45 minutes after the ceremony to allow traffic to clear.

Parking for School, College, and Departmental Ceremonies

Those wishing to park on campus for School, College, and departmental ceremonies will need a parking permit. This now includes Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Pre-paid parking permits for School, College, and Departmental ceremonies  can be purchased by graduates through the Registration/Order Form. Passes will be available on a first-come, first served basis. Day of event parking will be at higher rates. If your School, College, or Departmental ceremony takes place on campus on Commencement Day and you wish to park on campus, you will need a Commencement Day parking permit.

Important note:  On some days there may be many school, college, and departmental ceremonies taking place on campus at the same time. This can mean thousands of people attending campus and parking in the same campus lots.  Please allow plenty of time to park your vehicle and make it to your graduation event on time.

  • In order to fairly distribute parking spaces, each student will be limited to a reasonable number of parking permits for the particular event he/she is attending.
  • Parking permits for School, College, and departmental graduation events occurring on campus will be by day – i.e., the parking permit will be good for designated lots anywhere on campus for the day shown on the permit.
  • Once purchased no refunds will be available for parking permits.
  • Permits will be picked up when students pick up their orders at the University Book Store. Students may pick up additional permits (if available) at this time.  Depending upon availability, it may be possible to exchange one parking permit for a permit on a different day or in a different lot.

Disability Parking for School, College, and Departmental Ceremonies

Students who wish to order disability parking for school, college, and/or departmental ceremonies will be able to order disability parking permits that are good for the specific date on which their ceremony takes place. The holder of the permit will need to stop at one of the gatehouses when they arrive on campus, show the attendant the parking permit for that day, and tell the attendant that they need disability parking for the event they are attending. Attendants will direct them to disability parking for their event.

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