Community College Research Initiatives


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is important for our country’s future as it provides jobs, solutions to major problems, and an understanding of the natural world. The CCRI research group does research and evaluation on STEM in the postsecondary context and brings to that research an equity lens.

STEM Evaluation

InTeGrate Faculty Study
CCRI recently finished an InTeGrate faculty study. Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College asked CCRI to evaluate InTeGrate, a STEP (STEM Talent Expansion Program) Center grant funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The grant focused on developing curriculum, including developing and testing new materials, to support the implementation of new courses and to prepare students for the workforce and a sustainable future by developing, documenting and disseminating new model programs that include a strong interdisciplinary component.

CCRI phone interviewed 51 faculty from a variety of institutions and disciplines, within 3 groups with varying investment and experience, material developers, mentored participants, and non-mentored participants, to determine the impact of InTeGrate on faculty from these different groups. Changes to pedagogy and teaching communities were prominent in all groups. Departmental and institutional changes were also seen.