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Jeff Adams | Out-of-State Trustee

Class of 2004, Master of Business Administration

Headshot: Jeff Adams

Why I Serve

I first visited campus in 2001 while on a business trip. When I arrived, it was a rainy, soggy Seattle day, but transformed the next morning. I wandered campus, walked through Red Square and looked across Drumheller fountain at Mt. Rainier. The beauty caught me off guard. It stayed with me when choosing graduate schools.

I ultimately chose UW to pursue my MBA because of the strength of its finance program and overall reputation. The region has everything going for it. It’s a base of trade for the Pacific Rim and major player in technology. Seattle is a city of the 21st century and UW is in the middle.

My program director’s mantra was that education is a three-legged stool: academic study, external networking and social connections. Do not sacrifice one for the other. There was a deep and unique level of camaraderie in the business program and I made lifelong friends.

The UW has been generous to me. I want to repay that by helping others foster lifelong relationships with the university. As alumni, we have unique experiences to share with the next generation. It’s a unique gift to attend the UW. I advise students to cram in as much living as possible into their four years!


Jeffrey A. Adams, Ph.D., P.E. is a principal with San Ramon, California-based ENGEO Incorporated. He received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Additionally, he received his MBA from the University of Washington. He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of California and a certified environmental manager in the State of Nevada.

Dr. Adams provides development-related consulting services for a variety of public and private clients, including applications in geotechnical and environmental engineering. He has contributed to a wide range of remediation and development projects in high-density and low-density urban and suburban settings redeveloped for a variety of uses. He has co-authored and contributed to several handbooks, textbooks, and instructional materials covering a range of topics, as well as a number of Brownfield and environmental remediation-related academic papers that have been presented worldwide and published in a diverse group of academic and professional journals. Dr. Adams lives in San Ramon, California.