Future Alumni

Student Career Trek

A Career Trek is a student’s ticket to career exploration in another city. Each Career Trek takes a small group of students to major cities like the Bay Area, Washington D.C. and Portland. Students get the chance to visit a range of companies, from global companies to startups. They connect with UW alums excited to help the next generation, experience work cultures first-hand and see the city with fellow Huskies.

During the first Career Trek to the Bay Area in March 2016, 12 students visited companies like Google and Airbnb. With the fall Career Trek to Portland, students got the inside scoop on Columbia Sportswear, Nike and Portland City Hall.

In March 2017, Career Treks took us to the Bay Area (March 19-22) and Washington D.C. (March 22-25). The deadline for applications has passed. Stay tuned for the next opportunity to participate in our Career Treks!