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Dave Stone | At-Large Trustee

Class of 1968, Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration

Dave Stone portraitWhy I Serve

The first time I set foot on campus was for registration. It felt and looked exactly how you imagine a college should be. It was 1964 and I was in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). I had a military science class every quarter, Friday-morning drills in an old seaplane hangar by Lake Union and a six-week camp during my upperclassman summer. During the Vietnam War, the draft was an all-pervasive concern. Many life-changing decisions, including education, were shaped by the times.

I served 20 years as a Signal Corps officer in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, Germany and throughout the U.S. I’ve met with many of today’s UW student veterans and they are an absolutely amazing group. They are extremely talented and want to use and expand their skills. They are dedicated to furthering their education and value the opportunity. UW now makes a focused and determined effort to provide support to returning veterans. The Office of Student Veteran Life is a valuable part of the campus community. That is something that wasn’t available to my generation.

Today’s students are thoroughly convinced they can make a difference and change the world. The way people view life and the world is often shaped by the college classes they take. I’m impressed with the caliber of education the UW is providing to help students achieve their goals.


Dave Stone served as a Signal Corps officer in the U.S. Army for 20 years, which included developing, installing and operating telecommunications and information systems. After military retirement, he continued his career as a consultant regarding information policy issues for the Department of Defense and other governmental agencies. Dave has served on the advisory boards for the UW Meany Center for the Performing Arts as well as the UW Stroum Center for Jewish Studies. He currently serves on the Friends of the UW Libraries Board and the Kinnear Husky Battalion Legacy Foundation Board, an organization for alumni of the UW Army ROTC Program.