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Career Profiles

Reach for your career goals at the Northwest's top-rated medical center. University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) prides itself on compassionate patient care as well as its commitment to education, research, and the community. Clinicians treat a wide variety of patients, perform groundbreaking research (specialties include rehabilitation, high risk pregnancy, diabetes, imaging, and nutrition), and lead the nation in training physicians for family medicine and rural health education.

Physical Therapy

UWMC offers physical therapists a wide variety of dynamic clinical settings. As part of a unique health care team, physical therapists act as valuable team members, working to preserve, develop, and restore patients' optimum physical function. At UWMC facilities, physical therapists enjoy excellent access to physicians and the opportunity to treat a diverse patient population. A day in the life of a physical therapist might include:

  • Evaluating and treating patients with a diverse set of diagnoses
  • Designing interventions to maximize patients' physical function
  • Working with patients to develop functional goals (e.g., coordination, range of motion, strength, endurance)
  • Enjoying opportunities to advance skills and apply these to assist patients
  • Participating as an integral member of the health care team
  • Making a difference to patients and the community

Occupational Therapy

As part of one of the nation's top-ranked and top-funded rehabilitation departments, our occupational therapists take great pride in their work. With opportunities in a number of varied locations, UWMC occupational therapists employ a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation and regularly collaborate with innovators in their field. A day in the life of an occupational therapist at UWMC might include:

  • Analyzing an injured worker's job tasks and equipment to prevent future injuries
  • Adapting environments for people dealing with the effects of spinal cord injury, brain injury, burns, or other conditions
  • Improving learning environments for physically or mentally challenged school children
  • Making a difference by promoting independent and productive lives

Respiratory Therapy

A vital part of any hospital's critical care services, UWMC's respiratory care practitioners provide patient care as part of a top-ranked department, utilizing the latest equipment and technologies. Practitioners provide care for a diverse and complex patient population, including post-operative heart, liver, and lung transplant recipients, cardiothoracic and med-surg, spinal cord injury patients, bone marrow transplant patients, and neonates. A day in the life of a respiratory care practitioner might include:

  • Assessing patients' lung disorders and recommending treatment methods
  • Managing care to help patients recover lung function
  • Implementing therapist-mechanical ventilation and other protocols
  • Administering nitric oxide to ventilated patients in the ICU, OR, and NICU
  • Playing a vital role in patients' critical care

Laboratory Medicine

Bring your laboratory skills to the Northwest's top-rated medical center settings. At the UW Medicine's Department of Laboratory Medicine, your skills will aid patient care and educational programs as well as a wide variety of research needs. Divisions include hematology, microbiology, coagulation, immunology, genetics, molecular diagnostics, virology, and medical informatics.


UWMC nurses pursue exciting careers in a positive, academic working environment, partnering closely with colleagues, and benefiting from mutual respect and collaboration. UWMC offers unique opportunities for nurses, including specialties in high-risk pregnancy care and organ transplantation.