Engineering & Computer Science Lectures

The University of Washington’s College of Engineering houses ten engineering disciplines, from aeronautics to mechanical. UWTV partners with the college to capture, air and archive select engineering lecture series.

Wenk Lectures in Technology and Public Policy

The Wenk Lectures provides a forum for discussion on the interaction between engineering and public policy.

Burges Endowed Lectureship in Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Burges lectures invites leading civil and environmental engineers to speak about the field beyond technical considerations.

Daniel L. and Irma Evans

The Evans Lectureship provides opportunities for practitioners and students of civil and environmental engineering to “deepen their understanding of engineering” and further expose themselves to current concepts and methods that are being used in the field.

Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research hosts influential speakers in the fields of science, technology, literature and academia in this series of lectures.

Computer Science & Engineering Colloquia

The UW’s Computer Science & Engineering Colloquia features talks from leading computer scientists and computer engineers from the University of Washington and around the world.

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