UW Video

Project Options

Below are real-world examples of some of the more popular types of projects that we do. Think of these as video inspirations and idea kickstarters. If you have a question about these projects or want to get started on one of your own, contact us at 206.685.1311 or uwvideo@uw.edu.

Events, Lectures and Webcasts

This video provides a few examples of One Camera Basic Lectures, Split Screen with Powerpoints, and High Profile Events.

One Camera Basic Lecture

Record every detail with a single-camera video. This cost-effective production includes a wide shot with speaker and PowerPoint.

Split Screen With PowerPoint

Combines speaker and PowerPoint presentation in one screen and can include a webcast, persistent lower third for speaker & event information, department logo and other branding elements.

High Profile Events

Capture all the energy of your special lecture or event. This option provides additional cameras, integrated PowerPoint, audio and lighting for multiple speakers, webcast, audience Q&A, wide shots, close-ups and audience reactions.

Highlight Videos

Connect directly to your audience with a video that highlights your department, showcases a unique program or pays tribute to a special individual.

Virtual Events

Host your event without setting foot outside your home or office utilizing online tools and live stream your event to as few or as many individuals as you wish, or even worldwide.

Training/Instructional Videos

Effectively demonstrate a skill, process or procedure with a training video.

Creative Storytelling

With this creative narrative format, you have the opportunity to evoke a heartfelt viewer response. If your goal is to deepen and develop your important community relationships, this production option may be right for you.

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