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1993 "Labor and Minorities in the Pacific Northwest"

1992 "City and Community in the Pacific Northwest"

1991 "Indians and Whites in the Pacific Northwest"


2013 "Empires of Capital: Race Across the Atlantic and the Pacific"

2011 "Race, Radicalism, and Repression on the Pacific Coast and Beyond" (PDF)

2005 "Pacific Northwest Indian Treaties in National and International Historical Perspective"

2000 "The Nikkei Experience in the Pacific Northwest"

1996 "On Brotherly Terms: Canadian-American Relations West of the Rockies"

1994 "Power and Place in the American West"

1992 "The Atomic West, 1942-1992: Federal Power and Regional Development"

Lecture Series

2010 "The Crossroads of Empire"

2008 "U.S. Empire in Comparative and Historical Perspective"

2007 Summer course and lecture series: "A Sense of Where We Are"

2001 Summer course and lecture series: "A Sense of Where We Are"

1997 "The Frontier in American Culture"


2009 "Race and Empire at the Fair: A Centennial Symposium on the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition"

2004 "Imagining the Trans-Pacific West"

1999 "Mount Rainier National Park Centennial"

1998 "All Powers Necessary and Convenient" on the Canwell Committee

1995 "World War II: What it Took to End the War"

1993 "Sacred Encounters: Indians, Non-Indians, and Religion in the American and Canadian Northwests"

Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest