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The following is a single index: subjects, names, authors, and titles have all been combined into one index. Thus, the index lists subjects and names of persons under discussion in Pacific Northwest Quarterly (PNQ) articles, as well as titles of articles and book reviews, names of authors of articles and of books under review, and names of book reviewers.


The locator consists of a volume number, an issue number, and page numbers. So, in the entry Denny, Arthur A., 33(3):304, 33 refers to the volume number, 3 to the issue number, and 304 to the page number.


Generic cross-references, which refer to a type of heading (for example, names of individual schools) rather than a specific heading (for example, Roosevelt High School), are set in italics.



The index was alphabetized using the word-by-word system. In this system, alphabetizing continues until the end of the first word. Subsequent words are considered only when other entries begin with the same word.
Numerals, when isolated entries, are alphabetized as though spelled out. When headings with numerals appear together, they may be ordered numerically.

Personal Names



The full form of a person's name is generally used, unless that person is widely known by a shortened name. People who have used pseudonyms are generally listed under their real names. People with the same name are distinguished when possible by a middle initial or by a parenthetical tag. People whose full names are not known are identified with a parenthetical tag.
Native people are indexed under both their western names and their birth names, when both are known.
Married women are generally indexed by their birth names, unless the married name is more familiar. Women whose birth names could not be ascertained are indexed under their married names.

Other Names










All organizations are indexed under their full names, even when widely known by their abbreviations. Abbreviations are, however, used in subentries. The following abbreviations are used in subentries.


American Federation of Labor


American Smelting and Refining Company


Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition


Hudson's Bay Company


Immigration and Naturalization Service


Industrial Workers of the World


Ku Klux Klan


Pacific Northwest Quarterly


Woman's Christian Temperance Union


Work Projects Administration


World War I


World War II

Countries, states, provinces, territories, and counties are indexed under their full names. Abbreviations are used in subentries.
The names of U.S. government agencies and departments are invertedthat is, U.S. appears at the end of the entry.
Geographical features are indexed under the first element of their proper names, even if that first element is a word such as Lake or Mount.
Ships are indexed under their individual names; the abbreviations USS, HMS, and SS have been omitted.

Titles of Publications



An initial The is omitted in newspaper, magazine, and journal titles. An initial article is retained in titles of works, but the work is alphabetized under the first word following the article. Newspapers are generally indexed under the city of publication, even when the city of publication is not part of the newspaper's formal title. When the city of publication is small, an abbreviated state name may follow the city name in parentheses.
Titles of books that have been reviewed in PNQ are indexed as they appear in the text; the titles have generally not been modernized or corrected.

Author Entries



When an author has publised multiple pieces in PNQ, those works are listed in the following order: essays written by the author, reviews of books written by the author, and book reviews written by the author.

A print version of the PNQ index through volume 100 is also available at no charge. To order, please send an email to or call (206) 543-2992.

The index was made possible through the generous finacial support of the late Burdette and John M. McClelland, Jr.

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