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Race & Equity

November 18, 2015

UW Tacoma and its Community Pave Pathways to Promise

Pathways to Promise Students

What does it mean to “create a college-going culture” in a community struggling with high student dropout rates? Recognizing the effects of oppressive barriers such as structural discrimination and the cycle of poverty, among other factors, UW Tacoma is fighting to make educational equity a reality for its community. Dr. Cedric Howard, vice chancellor for…

Promoting Equity in Engineering Relationships

In 2009 a program with the potential to change the way we address diversity challenges in STEM was founded in the College of Engineering on the Seattle campus. The Promoting Equity in Engineering Relationships (PEERs) program embraces diversity in its many forms — race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability and more. It is popular with…

Faculty Diversity Scholars Support Inclusive Teaching

Diversity Scholars group

“How can a quantitative class, such as a course with chemicals and test tubes, actually change inside a pro-race-and-equity framework?” Dr. Robin Evans-Agnew, assistant professor in Nursing and Healthcare Leadership programs at UW Tacoma, poses this question as part of his role as a Faculty Diversity Scholar. Such questions and more are central to the…

Equity and Difference Speaker Series and Conversations on Activism and Expression

Harry Belafonte lecture

The desire to increase the amount — and quality — of dialogue about race and equity has inspired the Graduate School and the UW Alumni Association to pair “Facilitated Conversations” with selected lectures from the yearly series they traditionally present. Titled “Equity and Difference: Keeping the Conversation Going,” the series exposes and explains transgressions and…

UW Bothell’s Diversity Workshops: From Dialogue to Action

Terryl Ross

“I hear people say they wish they’d done these workshops earlier. People think I’m going to lecture them or tell them they have to like black people or be ‘politically correct.’ Instead, we explore what the changes in their community mean, and it becomes real.” —Terryl Ross, Ph.D. At the University of Washington Bothell, Terryl…

November 17, 2015

Diversity Requirement

On May 24, 2013, a long-time student-led effort to pass a diversity course requirement for all UW undergraduates came to fruition. Students entering in fall 2014 and later must meet this graduation requirement, which includes three credits of coursework that focus on the sociocultural, political and economic diversity of human experience at local, regional or…

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