Trends and Issues in Higher Ed

Innovators Among Us

Encouraging a culture of innovation in teaching and learning at the UW

photo of jenny quinn teaching

How to assess learning remotely—and reduce students’ temptation to cheat

Oral finals and frequent low-stakes assessments are just a few alternatives to in-person exams that Jenny Quinn uses to ensure student learning and success.

photo of david sheen

Stirring the imagination

As the UW seeks to support data management and analysis more broadly across disciplines, the answer may just lie with Jupyter Notebooks.

student reading textbook on their phone picture

A textbook that can be read on a phone? It’s logical!

Philosophy lecturer Ian Schnee‘s e-book about logic has proved to be irresistible to tech-savvy students. And there’s no reason other faculty can’t accomplish the same with their texts.

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Quick Glance: Successful approaches to remote teaching

Set clear expectations from the start . Increase time for student discussion. Share class materials and recordings asynchronously. Organize course resources and make them easy to find online. “Chunk” course content into more manageable pieces. Conduct more frequent, lower-stakes assessments.