Title IX

Title IX Officials Required to Report

While every employee is encouraged to contact SafeCampus if they become aware of possible sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct, Title IX Officials Required to report are required to contact SafeCampus. When they do so, they must share the details they have, including names.

Who are Title IX Officials Required to Report?

Title IX Officials Required to Report include senior leaders with authority to impose a full range of corrective action (including termination of employment status) and other employees who have been designated because of their student conduct, human resources, or compliance responsibilities.
Go here to view a list of Title IX Officials Required to Report.

What are my obligations as a Title IX Official Required to Report?

 Title IX Officials Required to Report who become aware of possible sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct are required to contact SafeCampus. If you become aware of possible sexual misconduct—either directly from the person who experienced the harm or from someone else—you must:
1. Contact SafeCampus at 206-685-7233
2. Tell SafeCampus you are a Title IX Official Required to Report
3. Share all the details you have, including the names of any individuals involved

See “What happens when I call SafeCampus…” to understand the steps SafeCampus will take. Once you’ve contacted SafeCampus, the Office of the Title IX Coordinator will facilitate any needed follow up and record keeping.

Do I need to call SafeCampus if the behavior is not “severe” or “pervasive”?

  Your responsibility is to report any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, including comments, unwanted touching, stalking, and other forms of harassment and assault. You should not attempt to investigate or determine if the behavior is a violation of policy.

How can I respond most helpfully if someone discloses to me directly?

Be transparent. If someone discloses to you personally, tell them you want to help and be sure they understand your obligation to report what they tell you. You cannot promise confidentiality.
Clarify next steps. Ensure them the information they share with you will be handled with discretion and the choice of how to participate, or not, in any University response will be theirs. They may choose not to continue providing information, and that’s okay.
Provide support. See “How can I support someone…” for suggestions on how to listen and connect someone with support regardless of how much they share. Confidential advocates and SafeCampus are available to every member of the UW Community at no cost.
Contact SafeCampus. 206-685-7233.

What if the individuals involved are under 18?

University employees and volunteers must report suspected child abuse or neglect to either WA State Child Protective Services (CPS) (1-866-END-HARM/363-4276) or local law enforcement as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours after suspecting abuse has taken place. If the suspected abuse involves a UW program or UW affiliated student, employee, or volunteer, you must also contact SafeCampus immediately after reporting the incident to CPS or law enforcement. More information on reporting, including definitions of abuse and neglect can be found here.

What if I learn about conduct that happened off campus or happened a long time ago?

 Your responsibility is to report whatever you have learned, regardless of when or where it happened. By calling SafeCampus you are ensuring that the person who has experienced harm is offered support and is made aware of all of their rights and options, whether or not they choose to make a formal complaint or otherwise address the behavior.

What additional support or help can Human Resources Consultants (HRCs) offer employees?

Human Resources Consultants (HRCs) can assist with implementing supportive measures, explain the process for filing a formal complaint, partner with others in addressing the behavior, and serve as an additional resource to a complainant or respondent.

What if a Title IX Official Required to Report doesn’t contact SafeCampus?

 If the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights were to find a university in violation of Title IX regulations, students could lose access to federal financial aid, researchers could lose federal grant funding, and other federal funds would be at risk.
Federal Title IX regulations require that officials with authority (at UW, Officials Required to Report) inform the University when they become aware of possible sexual misconduct. This requirement is in place to ensure that supportive measures are offered and that individuals are informed of how to submit a formal complaint.